The summer of 2015 saw record complaints about Armley from the community. Rachel Reeves MP launched a survey to identify the problems, as part of the Town Street Revival Plan.

Completed by residents, businesses and visitors 648 surveys were completed; almost three quarters said anti-social behaviour was one of the main problems on Town Street. In November that year Rachel Reeves organised a meeting for local residents and businesses to come and share their views, 150 people attended.

From that meeting the action group All Together Armley came into being. The group developed an 8 point action plan to improve the area calling for a safer environment, an improvement in the environment of Town Street, promotion of local businesses and working to improve cultural relationships.

  1. Everyone should feel safe and able to walk down Town Street
  2. Problem drinkers should permanently excluded from Town Street
  3. Alcohol should not be readily available to street drinkers
  4. Armley should rival other areas of Leeds in aesthetics and appearance
  5. There should be zero tolerance on vandalism, fly-tipping and graffiti
  6. There should be a change in culture on how we expect others to treat Town Street
  7. There should be a campaign to encourage people to use local businesses more
  8. Different groups should be brought together more often. Individuals struggling to integrate and contribute to the community should be identified and supported.

This year the group successfully held the first Armley Festival in over 30 years as part of their aim to improve community cohesion. It was a successful event and attracted over 2,500 visitors, mainly local residents. The group has gone on to develop a partnership plan for the area, where we will drive a holistic and collective strategy to regenerate the area. (See partnership page)

Working pro actively with all major statutory agencies, third sector organisations and businesses to provide a bridge between the community and the organisations which serve it.

We will ensure that through us residents and the users of Armley will have input on the decisions that effect their lives and locally based businesses have a voice in the ongoing regeneration of the area.

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