All Together Armley Business Forum is your
Local Hub for Business Growth and Improvement


Armley is an outstanding place to do business. It’s a location with a proud industrial heritage and home to so many enterprising individuals.

Armley has tremendous transport links into the city, attractively priced available development opportunities and a fantastically diverse community. Its Town Street is ripe for regeneration and its businesses are a mix of National Chains and Sole Traders working together to create a convenient and value for money shopping experience.

Acting as the voice for Armley Traders the All Together Armley Business Forum is here to make Armley a safer, brighter and more attractive place to do business.

Led by Saj Shah of McDonalds and supported by William Hill, Tesco and British Gas the forum can give you the chance to network with other like-minded businesses, grow together and make your opinions count.

If you are interested in getting involved, please drop us a note at


We are delighted to have the support of four major international businesses who will help us develop our Armley Ward Plan. British Gas, McDonalds, Tesco and William Hill all have a presence either in or very close to Armley.

With a proven background of community involvement and a history of supporting people in the areas in which they operate they have already helped by providing expertise, sponsorship and volunteers and they are committed to continuing to do so.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch by email.

Armley Traders Join the Market Fun.

Town Street and Branch Road Traders added to the fun of Armley’s Victorian Christmas Market by dressing up in Victorian style and decoration their shop windows in support of a call from All Together Armley.

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Business Update.

To support community activities in the area All Together Armley partnered by Armley Traders Forum has received donations from William Hill, Mc Donalds and GS Properties.

Saj Shah, leader of the Armley Traders Forum said:
“As a business forum we are happy to help boost local projects. Our hope would be to provide longer term sponsorship and support in any way that will help bring our communities together more often. We firmly believe that investing into the local area and its people is how responsible businesses act and therefore will continue to look for opportunities to show this commitment.”