‘All Together Armley’  Ward Regeneration Partnership Strategy

The ‘All Together Armley’ (ATA) regeneration partnership strategy aims to improve safety and community cohesion in the Armley ward by kick-starting projects that foster intra-community co-operation, regenerate the local environment and improve the effectiveness of public services.

The ATA committee intends to collaborate with local residents, businesses and agencies to implement a hybrid and holistic strategy. Key assumptions of this strategy include:

  • Armley’s problems are neither simple nor disconnected from each other. Efforts to address issues and incidents have knock-on effects that may be positive and/or negative but, to some extent, can be anticipated and accommodated.
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour are always with us but, when contained and controlled, incidents do not become social problems of concern to most people for much of the time. Problems become visible, impact upon quality of life and spiral out of control when unseen tipping points are reached; when bad behaviour, situations and conditions are normalised and people feel that ‘no one cares’ or ‘nothing can be done’.
  • Problems that defy solution by individual residents, businesses, voluntary or public agencies can be resolved (or at least ameliorated) by holistic and collective action. When considered from the standpoint of what does and does not fall within the budget and remit of ‘my department’, individual public services may be as powerless as individual residents and businesses to ‘fix things’ BUT when analysed from the standpoint of what could be achieved by co-ordinated action, by using ‘all the tools in public and private boxes’, much could be done. The ATA committee, on which all stakeholders have a say, aims to provide the necessary co-ordination.
  • Effective co-ordination of community, business and public sector action should reduce duplication of energies and expenditure, and increase private and public investment in the ward.
  • We will ensure residents and users of Armley have input on decisions that impact on their safety, health, ongoing personal development, social integration and environment. Locally based businesses should have a voice in the ongoing regeneration of the area, leading discussion, driving change and being supportive of the community.
  • All partners should be accountable to the ATA committee for delivery of collectively agreed action to which they have individually committed. How accountability is to be ensured for public sector, business and residential partners has yet to be determined.
  • Dissemination of information to partners – MPs, councillors and public sector officials, financial sponsors, business leaders and residents – re aims, objectives and outcomes is essential. Costs and mechanisms for so doing must be agreed.

Click here to see the live version of the plan (May 2017)